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Metal Roof & Siding Trim

Deep Creek Metal Sales – Swanton, MD

Deep Creek Metal Sales in Swanton, MD, offers a variety of trim styles in all the popular residential and commercial profiles and colors you need. Choose the best option for your metal roof or siding project. Contact us to order: (301) 859-4080. Stop by for a free color and product sample. We offer 24 hour turnaround time on metal roofing and siding.

Custom Trim Available – Contact Us for More Information

Roof & Wall Panel Trim

G-Rib Trim, Standing Seam Trim & Commercial Trim

A. Ridge Cap (12” & 16”)

B. Overhead Door Trim

C. Sliding Door Jamb

D. Z-Flashing

E. Rake Trim

F. End Wall & Transition Flashing

G. Sidewall Flashing

H. Eave Trim

I. Door Track Cover

J. J-channel

K. Large Outside Corner

L. Small Outside Corner

M. Inside Corner

N. House (Residential) Corner

O. Rat Guard

P. W-Valley Flashing

Q. Base Angle

Also Available:

Double Track Cover


Upper Flu Flashing

Lower Flu Flashing



Corner & Gable Trim

One-Piece Soffit/Fascia

Overhead Door Trim with J-channel

Overhang Trim


Drip Edge/Starter

Dual Pitch

Clear / White Polycarbonate Skylight Panels (8’, 10’, 12’ & 14’)

Inside Closure

Outside Closure

Pipe Flanges

Butyl Tape

Vinyl-backed Insulation (6’ x 50’)

Double Bubble Insulation (4’ x 125’’)

Tek Screws

Wood Screws

Pop Rivets

Touch-up Paint (6 oz. aerosol can)

Color Matched Caulking

Custom Trim Available – Contact Us for More Information

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Stop in to see us or contact our friendly sales staff for assistance selecting materials for your upcoming project. We carry a large selection of trim styles, so we can provide the perfect look for any residential, commercial, and industrial roof and side wall application.



Storage Buildings


Commercial Structures

Portable Utility Buildings

Commercial Exterior Doors

Commercial Walk-In Doors