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Deep Creek Metal Sales provides our customers with radiant flooring supplies at a fair price. When you buy direct from us, you can save money. We carry HItz Halter rigid foam board insulation and PEX pipe for your radiant flooring installation needs. Call us to place your order!

Hitz Halter Insulation - specially designed for Radiant Application

Don’t Be Fooled By Other Brands

Unlike the popular brands of thin insultation on the market, Hitz Halter expanded polystyrene insulation maintains most of its R-value over time, even with exposure to harsh elements. Hitz Halter was specially designed as insulated panels for radiant heat applications. It offers amazing insultation performance, stability, and integrity. Their panels feature three times stronger film and allow for easy direct placement of PEX tubing with plastic staples. Don’t waste your money, buy Hitz Halter from Deep Creek Metal Sales when it comes to your radiant flooring needs.

He shares the advantages that Hitz Halter products offer.

PEX Piping for radiant floors

Deep Creek Metal Sales keeps PEX piping in stock for our customers convenience. We carry ¾ inch and ½ inch PEX piping at our shop. PEX piping is the best thing to use for your radiant floor installation. Traditional piping systems, such as copper pipe, are rigid and difficult to work with. PEX Piping is flexible, lightweight, and is able to deliver large amounts of heat.

What makes PEX piping the easy choice:

  • Warms your room with a consistent, uniform heat
  • Easier to install than traditional piping
  • Economical option
  • Quiet and clean
  • Is not visible

Choose PEX Piping for your radiant floor installation. Place an order with Deep Creek Metal Sales today.

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