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Need materials for your metal roof or siding project? Need to re-coat a metal roof? Planning to install radiant flooring? Contact Deep Creek Metal Sales in Swanton, MD – your locally owned and operated supplier of custom metal panels and building products at a fair price. Buy direct and save – without sacrificing quality! Stop by for a free color and product sample. We offer 24 hour turnaround time on metal roofing and siding.

Custom Metal Roofing

Deep Creek Metal Sales provides steel roofing panels made with superior American craftsmanship. We offer a variety of panel profiles and colors to enhance any residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial property. Upgrade from inferior materials with enduring appearance, performance, and value you can count on.

  • 40-Year 28-Gauge Painted Galvalume

  • Standard Metal

  • Standing Seam

  • Metalath (board and batten style)

  • NEW Deep Creek Wave

Choose from 22 Classic Colors for a smooth finish and 8 HD Textured Colors for a luxurious dimensional finish with a frost or “crinkle” look.

Metal Building Panels

Siding, Trim & Accessories

Protect your home, business, and farm buildings from the elements with quality metal siding, trim, and building panels. Our metal panels are affordable and attractive. They are an ideal solution for easier maintenance and pest resistance. From rustic and traditional looks to clean, high-tech, and modern, we offer a variety of styles and colors to suit your personal preference.

  • Metal Siding

  • Metal Wall Panels

  • 28-Gauge White Liner Panel

  • Soffit

  • Coil Stock

  • Screws, Closures, Color Matched Caulking & Touch-Up Paint

  • Vapor Barriers, Insulation & Synthetic Underlayment

  • Roof Boots

  • Wide Selection of Metal Trim Styles

Advanced Metal Coatings

Deep Creek Metal Sales offers custom metal coatings for your roofing and siding project. AkzoNobel’s 40-year CERAM-A-STAR® 1050 COOL CHEMISTRY ceramic solar reflective pigments are available in a wide range of attractive colors. They are ENERGY STAR certified to keep your home or building cooler and reduce peak air conditioning demand in the summer months.

Radiant Floor Heat Supplies

Deep Creek Metal Sales carries Hitz Halter rigid foam board insulation and PEX pipe for your radiant flooring installation needs. When it comes to insulated panels for radiant heat applications, Hitz Halter was specially designed for this purpose. It offers great insulating performance, stability, and integrity. Hitz Halter panels feature 3X stronger film and allow for easy direct placement of PEX tubing with plastic staples. It comes fan-folded in 4ft. X 24ft. pieces and easily tapes together, allowing for much easier installation while saving time and energy.

Hitz Halter Floor Insulation

Superior Performance That LASTS

Deep Creek Metal Sales keeps Hitz Halter insulation in stock. Hitz Halter expanded polystyrene insulation offers uniquely superior performance among all other brands of thin insulation. Unlike radiant foil barriers, Hitz Halter is the only insulation which maintains the qualities required to reflect heat for the life of the installation. Unlike 2” extruded polystyrene foam board (XPS), Hitz Halter absorbs less than 5% water and does not lose significant R-value over time. While XPS loses HALF of its R-value after just 15 years, controlled lab results show Hitz Holter insulation continues providing 94% of its 3.6 R-value per inch. If you want continued insulation performance for your project, don’t make the mistake of choosing an inferior, thinner product. Invest in Hitz Halter for continued performance and energy savings!

PEX Pipe

You can trust Deep Creek Metal Sales for your PEX piping needs. PEX piping is the best thing to use for your radiant floor installation. Traditional piping systems like copper pipe, are rigid and difficult to work with. PEX Piping is flexible, lightweight, and is able to deliver large amounts of heat.

PEX Piping:

  • Warms your room with a consistent, uniform heat.
  • Is easier to install than traditional piping.
  • Is the economical option. It reduces operating costs.
  • Is quiet and clean. There aren’t any noisy fans.
  • Is not visible. There are no ventilation ducts, bulky appliances, or registers.

Double Bubble

Superior Performance That LASTS

Deep Creek Metal Sales carries Double Bubble insulation boards. Double Bubble insulation is the most effective bubble insulation on the market and has the highest R-value. It is a foil faced insulation product that provides maximum heating efficiency. It goes under metal panels.

Key benefits of double bubble are:

  • Barrier for radon, moisture, methane, termites, ants, and other pests
  • Makes an excellent thermal barrier
  • Acts as 100% vapor barrier
  • Class A/ Class 1 fire rating
  • Durable polyethylene bubbles make up the center bubble wrap insulation
  • Has a very low rate of emissivity


When you use the wrong screws, fasteners, or pop rivets your whole metal building could be compromised. Stop by Deep Creek Metal Sales to talk to us about which fastener or screw is the right fit for your project. We carry both 20-year warranty screws and 40-year warranty screws.

Sliding Door Systems

Our innovative sliding door systems are perfect for any outdoor building, like barns, garages, and sheds. They are also great for agriculture and farm use. These sliding doors use an overhead track system. They are easy to open, secure, and best of all, don’t need any type of electricity to operate.

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